Can anyone help with the identities of these people?

Please help me put names to faces.  The following photographs are James Litchfield b1876 and John George Litchfield b1873  taken around 1895 - does anyone know which is which? 

L1:  John George or James?

L2:  John George or James? 



L3:  Wedding around 1905 to 1910 - The wedding photo appears to have both James and John George in it (only older).  James married Matilda Storer and John George married Mary Jane Savidge.  Also present may be Mary Wright Litchfield and her husband Charles Frederick Swain.  Does any one recognise these people?

L4:  William Litchfield is on right - who is on the left?


William Litchfield (B11905) who are the couple with him?